An unique versatile design.

These kennels come in kit form and
are designed specifically for greyhounds,
but are equally suitable for all other
breeds of sporting dogs.
They are designed to N.G.R.C. standards
and have the advantage over other kennels
in being easily erected and dismantled in
less than half an hour by two people
with just a spanner.
Kennels may be added or subtracted
at any time. This feature ensures
flexible use of the building
Totally secure each standard  kennel
is suitable for one greyhound, has a
1.2m x 1.0m. bed, and measures approximately
2.4m. long by1.2m wide and 2.0m high,
with two-way double doors for easy access.

The sides and front are 18 mm. thick plywood ,
which offers good insulation. The bed and
front slide out for easy cleaning.
All plywood has to be provided by the purchaser.

The kennel metalwork is unprepared. It can either
be  painted with a coat of Hammerite paint, or
alternatively kennels may  be galvanized.
It is recommended that the plain plywood
is painted with two coats of a chlorinated
rubber paint .
A brown phenol coated birch plywood with
a very smooth finish is a better option,
and needs no further treatment.

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