Another portable design kit making for
quick and easy erection in any building,
loose box or garage. Pups are protected
on all sides from overlying by the bitch
with protective pipe barriers.
These may be removed when the pups
are strong.
The top, sides and floor are of WPB
plywood for warmth.
Four sheets must be provided by the purchaser,
phenyl-coated ply is the best.
Floorand top  bars are galvanised.
Corners are stainless steel.
Provision is made in the sliding canopy to hang an heat lamp.
The whelping measures 72ins. x 46.5ins.
internally (4ft. high.)
The box is assembled and dismantled
without any tools, and can be stored away
when not in use.
Full instructions provided.
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A pup saved is a Whelping Box paid!

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